Want to know how your brand compares to your competition? Or are you looking for an effective way to boost the creativity within your organization? Book one of our taylor-made inspiration- and knowledge sessions.

Brand Energy Scan

Where are the opportunities for your brand? And what are the challenges you face? Based on the world’s largest and longest-running brand survey (among more than 1,000 brands), we can provide insight into your brand’s current position in relation to your four closest competitors. That way, you can always stay one step ahead of the competition. Costs: 2,500 Euros for a number of relevant insights based on custom market research.

Agency for a Day

Could your team’s creativity and inspiration use some new momentum? Why not try working like real-life Mad Men for a day? Use our office and one of our designers for an afternoon to put together a campaign yourself. Then enjoy a glass of single-malt in our bar, and remind everyone in your team why they chose to go into marketing. Tip: reserve drinks and dinner on a boat through Amsterdam’s canals afterwards. Costs: 1,500 Euros

Competition Challenge

Are you curious what your global competitors are doing in the field of brand activation? Our specialists at, the biggest marketing activation blog in the world, can draw up a custom-tailored overview of your field of competitors and trigger you with the latest trends. The ideal way to stay ahead of the pack. Free of charge for Top-100 advertisers.

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