Design Water Bottle



Create a global promotion for Shell Service Stations that will perform better than the current promotions. Look at the possibilties to align this promotion with Shell’s global strategy to ‘humanise the brand‘.

BrandBase created, developed and produced a Design Water Bottle for Shell. A promotion with a good cause. This bottle is made of recycled plastic and is designed with a purpose. This bottle is not only excellent for travelling, but every bottle supports three important global challenges: less plastic, less waste and less poverty. With every purchase of the Design Water Bottle you automatically become a supporter of The Plastic Bank. This organisation turns collected plastic waste into currency. This way, the people that collect the plastic can build a better future for themselves and their country.

Design Water Bottle
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The Plastic Bank supports people in developing countries by stimulating them with the collection of plastic litter, and deliver it to one of their Plastic Bank locations. At those Plastic Bank locations people can exchange the plastic they have collected to get a fair price per kilo in return. The Plastic Bank is currently active in Haiti and the Philippines. This year they are planning to open new locations in Indonesia and Brazil.