Eau de Tolérance


Creative brief
The week of Pride Amsterdam is all about equal love and respect for all. It is an incredible, colourful time, manifesting the tolerance of the Dutch population. With its richly varied mix of employees, De Bijenkorf is a trendsetter in drawing attention and giving support to the LGBT community. Our instruction was to propagate the tolerant character of De Bijenkorf, showing that we are all equal.

The perfume and fragrance department of De Bijenkorf enjoys a high reputation, offering a wide range of luxury brand fragrances; each, however, designed specifically for either men or women. It is time to leave the distinction behind. It is time for a fragrance that appeals to everyone!

Eau de Tolérance is a fragrance that breathes love, a scent that embraces freedom. Its composition is a metaphor for the richness of diversity. Fresh as a flirtation, honey sweet as love itself, with warm undertones of connection, not defined by gender, race or religion, this fragrance was created for lovers of equality. The scent is composed of six ingredients, based on the colours of the rainbow, the international symbol of Pride Amsterdam. Eau de Tolérance was produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam and in the online store. The hashtag #spraytolerance was used to disseminate tolerance online across the nation.

Eau de Tolérance
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