I protect tigers shirt



In the span of a century, the wild tiger population has decreased by 97%. Today, only 3,900 tigers are left alive in the wild. In order to be able to raise funds at a later stage, the initial objective of the World Wide Fund for Nature was to raise awareness for these alarming numbers among a new and younger target audience.


We all marvel at the beauty of the tiger. For centuries, we have used this magnificent animal as a style icon, but this status has failed to benefit the species itself. The time has come to reverse this situation. We will leverage the tiger’s status as a style icon to benefit the tiger himself.


The idea was to tap into an aspect that is important to the target audience: fashion. We emphasized the limited tiger population by developing a limited edition shirt, designed by Dutch top designer Bas Kosters. 3,900 tigers = 3,900 shirts. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

The launch of the shirt also marked the launch of the corresponding PR campaign. The shirt was presented during the main show of the Amsterdam FashionWeek. That same night, the limited edition shirt was offered for sale online at a symbolic price of €39.00.

I protect tigers shirt
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