ING Great Outdoors Days XXL 15/16



ING is partner and sponsor of Natuurmonumenten (Dutch society for the preservation of nature reserves). Together they organise the annual ‘ING Wild Outdoor Days XXL’: An event to inspire children to visit and enjoy the outdoors. For the second year in a row BrandBase gave substance to this two day event, which traditionally takes place during the autumn holidays.


We drew inspiration from the one person who knows everything there is to know about the outdoors: the forest ranger.

Different games and activities were designed to challenge the children to learn as much about nature as they can. They accumulated points through each game for their forest ranger booklet. When they had enough to show they had all the skills and knowledge of a forest ranger, they were awarded a unique ‘forest ranger badge’.

In this weekend thousands of kids – and their parents – discovered how much fun it is to play in and learn about the outdoors. The result: The Netherlands suddenly has a lot of new enthusiastic forest rangers!. A successful outcome for both ING and Natuurmonumenten.

ING Great Outdoors Days XXL 15/16
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