Tikkie app launch



Did you cover the costs of a meal and your friends could pay you back later? Splitting the bill is now made easy with the brand-new App called Tikkie (Taggy). A free App that let’s you send payment requests via WhatsApp no matter which bank you use. On behalf of ABN AMRO, BrandBase developed and produced a launch campaign for the introduction of the App.


Tikkie was introduced to the public by using the famous game, playing tag. First, we launched a teaser film inviting strangers on the street to play tag. The film was distributed through well-known Dutch blogs and other online channels. In addition, we have developed an online game where playing tag was inventively translated into a digital format. Users were asked to ‘tag’ the commercial film to pause when the App icon was tapped at a very specific moment in the film. By submitting the correct frame number, one could win a night out in Ibiza with three friends. Let’s start sharing!




Tikkie app launch
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