Plan bag to School



Plan Netherlands has developed a special programme in support of young girls in Uganda, the Menstrual Hygiene project. In Uganda, menstruation is a subject that is surrounded by taboos. As a result, adolescent girls miss schools for a week every month. To finance the project, Plan has ordered the design and development of special clutch bags, to be sold in the Bijenkorf department store. What would be the best way for Plan Netherlands and their ambassadors Neelie Kroes, Caro Emerald, and Pip Pellens to create exposure for the sales of these clutch bags as well as for the Menstrual Hygiene project? BrandBase was asked to develop and produce a campaign that will deliver the desired exposure.


BrandBase developed the ‘Bag to School’ campaign featuring the clutch bags and the ambassadresses in the leading role. The campaign consisted of several elements, including a special event that had the ambassadors reveal the clutch bags to the press, presented by Daphne Bunskoek. Three charming dancers, dressed in outfits that matched the clutch bags, performed a spectacular show. Besides the event, BrandBase also developed the communication around the event, ranging from the campaign visual featuring Caro Emerald, through the personal films featuring Caro and Pip that served as press invitations, to shop displays for the Bijenkorf department store.

Plan bag to School
Event photography
Bill Tanaka