SAIL Amsterdam 2016



For 40 years, ING has been the main sponsor of SAIL Amsterdam, the largest nautical event in the world. For the previous edition, in 2010, BrandBase developed and built the Pirate Island for ING. For the 2015 edition, ING engaged the services of BrandBase again, asking them to develop the activation programme. This involves yet another island, exuding the same positive energy, as well as a nation-wide campaign preceding the event.


Within the theme of ‘Heroes of the sea discover the world’, we created a comprehensive activation programme. We started off with the ‘Heroes of the sea’ exhibition, a series of 12 travelling billboards to tour five districts in the Netherlands with streets named after naval heroes. The billboard representing Piet Hein, for instance, was displayed at the Piet Heinkade and the one representing Abel Tasman adorned the Tasmanstraat. These billboards contained the portraits of the heroes concerned as well as a brief narrative of their lives and achievements. For this exhibition, we produced a short film showing the naval heroes wearing their appropriate costumes and make-up, on their way to SAIL Amsterdam. To support ING’s principal sponsorship, we furthermore developed a clear and unambiguous campaign image, containing a hero of the sea, obviously, that we used for online bannering, in-store advertising and a bus shelter campaign across Amsterdam.

SAIL Amsterdam 2016
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The place where it all came together was the ING Sea Hero Island, the ‘centre court’ of SAIL Amsterdam. Children were handed out an activity booklet with a little compass to guide them around all of the activities, including folding little paper sailboats, knot tying, compass reading, learning a thing or two about spices, face painting and lots of other exciting activities. In addition, each night had a programme with a DJ and our own gin and tonic bar. To promote the ING Sea Hero Island, we made a map spread for the Telegraaf newspaper SAIL supplement.


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