Uitmarkt Lounge


Creative brief

For many years, ABN AMRO has been sponsoring arts and culture in various forms, which is also why they are the main sponsor of this year’s edition of the Uitmarkt (Outmarket). This year’s edition took place in a new location for the very first time: around the Oosterdok in Amsterdam. Consider how ABN AMRO, besides their stage, were represented at the Uitmarkt in highly creative and innovative ways, all for the purpose of building brand loyalty and generating visibility for the ‘Talent Central’ talent development programme.



ABN AMRO is the main sponsor of the Uitmarkt, and a sponsor of arts and culture. In these efforts, they place the focus on talent development. That is why we decided to set up the ABN AMRO Lounge in a very special location this year: an island surrounded by water. This island presents a marvellous view of the Uitmarkt, the National Maritime Museum, Science Museum NEMO, and the various stages and platforms. The inner dome offered an opportunity to discover and learn more about ABN AMRO’s commitment to talent development by means of the Talent Central VR experience that showed two VR films. One of these films featured Pieter van den Hoogenband, while the other featured the Jussen brothers. In addition, ABN AMRO’s sponsorship of the Hermitage offered the opportunity to attend a workshop on how to view art in museums, and perhaps even change your perspective on these works of art. Finally, visitors were invited to relax and lounge at the sunny terrace with its beautiful views and festive ambience, surrounded by little lights and palm trees.

Uitmarkt Lounge
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