44th ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

To make ABN AMRO’s sponsorship theme ‘Partner of the Future’ more tangible, this year’s ABN World Tennis Tournament saw the spotlights shining on tennis talent of the future: the ball kids. This was reflected in things like the online video ‘Road to the final’ and a chance to win VIP tickets for the final by playing on the ‘World Tennis Tournament Game Wall’, which was installed at ABN AMRO bank branches, at Ahoy (where the tournament is held) and at other locations in the Netherlands. The spectacular video footage of the final, shot by the ball kids with their GoPro camera, was streamed live on Facebook.


Following on from last year’s motto, we decided to cast the tennis talents of the future – the ball boys and girls – in the leading role.

A ‘World Tennis Tournament Game Wall’ was erected in the ABN AMRO offices, in Ahoy, and at several locations in the Netherlands. Participants were invited to throw tennis balls at pictures of the tournament heroes for a chance to win VIP tickets to the finals. The online film ‘Road to the final’ was designed to draw attention to the ball boys and girls. The entire film was shot from the perspective of a ball boy; from the moment he woke up, through the training until the moment he walked onto the Centre Court of Ahoy.


During the finals of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, the ball boys and girls carried a GoPro camera around with them. The video streams were switched through in real time from a mobile editing studio. Their spectacular footage was broadcast live on Facebook and brought tennis fans closer to their heroes than ever before. FB Live thus delivered the ultimate second screen experience – of watching a world-class sports event from a surprising perspective.


The online film ‘Road to the final’ achieved nearly 1.3 million views on YouTube and Facebook. The livestream of the finals was announced in this film.

The livestream was a great success. With a reach of over 75,000 people, it achieved over 18,000 views. During the finals, these tennis fans watched our livestream as a second screen. Over eight hundred reactions, comments and shares showed great viewer engagement. And then there was a collateral stroke of luck: the NOS, who broadcast the finals around the world, decided to include our footage in their report.

At the moment the television coverage stopped, our stream continued live, so that viewers could even watch the prize distribution ceremony through the eyes of the ball boys and girls.

This remarkable approach did not go unnoticed. Before the finals, the livestream drew a lot of attention from the press, in blogs, and on social media. And even after the tournament was over, the spectacular footage of the ball boys and girls was the subject of lots of posts.

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