ASR Different Games


Children get too little exercise, which has consequences for their health. Insurance agent a.s.r. initiated a major event to get them ‘on the move’: the Different Games. Where children from seven to fourteen learn about unusual sports in an energetic way. 72andSunny developed the concept and communication and invited BrandBase to give produce the event in the Jaarbeurs.


With a significant track record in large-scale live communication, brand-owned events and branded content, the team turned the event into a platform from where it started a series of activities.

BrandBase used its experience in large-scale ‘serious fun’ activations to -literally- move its young audience. A dynamic sports arena was developed in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Here, more than one hundred and fifty athletes from ten sports gave high-impact workshops in leaping far (fierljeppen), bossaball, swordplay, twirling and underwater hockey. Children swirled from experience to experience guided by energetic music, eye-catching decors and swinging presentations.
Children played, discovered and above all: 8000 moved.

Many media covered the event positively. Among others the Noordhollands Dagblad, De Telegraaf and Volkskrant printed reports from the Different Games.

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