A Marvelous Christmas 2014


Develop a direct mailing for BrandBase’s seasonal greetings in a way only BrandBase could.


BrandBase’s ‘pallet office’ was a household name for many years. In 2014 BrandBase said goodbye to its innovative office concept. But! BrandBase would not be BrandBase if it did not do so in style. For its seasonal greetings, BrandBase collected all its old pallets and polished, scraped, rubbed, scratched, hammered, cursed, sawed, chiseled, blew, swept, signed and burned until two artisan Christmas cards remained. One card had punch-out hangers to hang in your Christmas tree. The second wished the recipient a “Marvellous Christmas and an awesome New Year”. This card also referred to a dedicated website¬†that showed a video informing viewers about the making of this remarkable card.

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