ANWB Light Brigade

The ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club) runs a general traffic safety campaign with the aim of cutting the number of traffic fatalities in half by 2020. Bicycle lights are part of this campaign. BrandBase was asked to raise awareness of the need for proper lighting on bikes. We developed a campaign built around a new concept, the ‘ANWB Light Brigade’. This involved the deployment of ‘brigade’ cars, with spotlights fitted to the roofs, to find and shine a light on bicyclists using the roads without lights. The final event featured an ANWB Bike Cinema that was only open to people with working lights on their bikes.

As the closing event of the campaign, the agency, on behalf of the Light Brigade, organized the ANWB Bike Cinema, a ride-in cinema that admitted cyclists with properly functioning bike lights only.

In addition to the activations and the event, the message #LightsOn was communicated using online content. This content likewise centred on the Light Brigade. A cinematic trailer introduced the Light Brigade, and short video clips of the activation showed the Light Brigade in action.


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