Shell Eco-marathon 2012 – 2015

The Shell Eco-marathon is a competition involving 3,000 students spread over 200 teams from across the world. The challenge: to build their own cars and then travel the greatest distance possible on just one litre of fuel. We were commissioned to develop and organise this spectacular brand event, and to ensure that it attracted at least 40,000 visitors. BrandBase organised the Shell Energy Lab: an impressive four-day festival, with ‘Experience Tomorrow’s World’ as its theme, where children aged 6 to 11 got the opportunity to discover the world of technology in an engaging and entertaining way.

The campaign consisted of print, film, advertisements, outdoor advertising, spectaculars, digital and a photo booth, plus a takeover of the daily newspaper Metro.

The Shell Eco-marathon Experience generated a great deal of free publicity. A pop-up store in Rotterdam Central Station gave the visitors a preview of the Shell Eco-marathon and the Shell Energy Lab for two weeks prior to the event.


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