Generation Discover Festival 2017

A yearly event to spark interest in young people – living in and around The Hague – in science, technology and innovation, that was the brief we got from Shell. BrandBase has now organised Shell’s Generation Discover Festival on two occasions, with the 2017 edition seeing more than 30,000 young people come to the five-day event on the Malieveld in The Hague, and engaging enthusiastically with the lively and educational challenges, interactive adventures and amazing technology.


The Domes have a futuristic, innovative appeal that gives the festival a modern look and feel. The combination with the Ferris Wheel the festival makes sure that the festival becomes an annually recurring icon to the people in The Hague. The visual story is a very thought-through mix of attratictive visuals, challenging interactions and relevent narratives that combines content and adventure which is suitable to kids and adults.


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The festival hosts more than 20 participating partners like Ministerie van Defensie, ABN AMRO, Museon, NEMO, BASF, Geofort, Linde, de Politie, Museum Boerhaave, Quest Junior, Renewi, Tennet, TU Delft, Van Gogh Museum and the city of The Hague

About Shell

As one of the leading energy companies, Shell plays a key role in the global energy supply. The company helps to meet the growing global energy demand in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally responisble.


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