Hi Spotify


Hi-customers can subscribe to Spotify, an online music library with over 18 million tracks, to their existing cell phone contract. BrandBase was asked to create awareness with the Hi customers.


To create a party with Hi Spotify, everywhere. With Hi Spotify on your mobile phone you always have the right music to create a party. In the park, on the beach, on your balcony… everywhere. But what is music without good sound? That’s why we created a foldable speaker for all mobile phones. The music is amplified up to twice the normal volume and no scissor or glue is required to set up the speaker. The speaker was sent to all the Hi customers as an enjoyable DM.
 To enthuse and prove to the target group you can create a party everywhere with Hi Spotify, we created a Piaggio Car as self supporting dj booth. Feestdjruud became a popular DJ in The Netherlands with his track: ‘Where’s the party? Here’s the party!’ He was the DJ on the PartyPiaggio. The whole summer Hi customers could win a party with this Piaggio and Feestdjruud, anywhere they wanted.

At ‘Solar Weekend Festival’, where Feesdjruud is also performing, we handed out balloons saying: ‘Where’s the party? Here’s the party!’ The balloons marked some places in de crowd where the party was at that time.

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