ING Golf Sponsorship


With close to 400,000 golfers, golf is the third most popular sport in the Netherlands, where athletic performance, sociability and business networking come together on more than 200 golf courses. ING Private Banking is the main head sponsor of Dutch golf. Together with the Netherlands Golf Association, ING wants to rejuvenate and innovate the sport, so that current and future generations of golfers can experience even more joy playing the sport. BrandBase was asked to kick off this sponsor programme in a manner that would appeal to everyone in the country, young and old alike.


Golf is anything but a boring and elitist sport. Yet that stereotype still persists. BrandBase interpreted the ‘kick-off’ to the sponsorship in a literal sense by having golf pro Mark Reynolds sound the gong to open the Amsterdam Stock Exchange as a PR stunt. Mark and the gong are the main theme of the media campaign. To make golf appealing to the entire country, BrandBase developed a ‘trick shot’ film in which Mark Reynolds sounds the gong in different situations. BrandBase also created a campaign image that was printed in the Telegraaf newspaper as an advertisement and shown on various online banners.

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