ING Locker Wall


ING is not an offical partner of the European Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. BrandBase was asked to showcase ING as a major European bank during this tournament in a distinctive and visible way. Communicate this message both online and offline to ING’s key European focus markets: Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Poland and the Netherlands.


Delivering a high level of service is one of ING’s main strengths. To prove this, we created and produced the ING Locker Wall. A 25 meters long, 10 meters tall wall built out of lockers. All European supporters could make use of this service to store their personal belongings safely, and free of charge. The ING Locker Wall was positioned on a high-traffic location in Gdansk and Frankfurt, ensuring high visibility and a relevant (and gratifying) activation.

To also reach those who did not travel to Gdansk, we’ve created three viral video’s. These video’s showcase the ‘fun side’ of the ING Locker Wall. Many supporters were pleasantly surprised in a unique and fun way while opening their lockers.


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