ING Mobile Banking Apple pie


ING’s Mobile Banking App celebrates its three-year anniversary. The bank wants to take the opportunity to thank app users and encourage all their customers to start using their mobile banking app. ING strives to make it a friendly, spontaneous activation that makes people happy and that draws attention in a fun, positive way.


BrandBase drafted a tasty activation that (1) is close to the users, (2) in a cheerful way tells more about the app and (3) thanks current users. Action APPle Pie took place on 13 November 2014. On that day, 12 bakery carts were ready to start handing out delicious pieces of apple pie. As a way of saying ‘thank you’, travellers got a free piece of the pie upon presentation of their ING Mobile Banking App. This resulted into long rows of merry customers who loved to get some of that delicious fresh pie.
The same APPle Pie served as a pie chart in the national ad-campaign. In the advertisement the bank thanked users and encouraged all customer start banking mobile.
The activation was also supported regionally. Each province had its Facebook ad with interesting statistics and facts about 3 years ING Mobile Banking App in that province.


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