La League

In many countries girls are treated as inferiors by their fathers or father figures. The organisation Plan aims to break this pattern. Soccer is still dominated by men, yet women’s football is the fastest-growing sport worldwide. Combining these two worlds provides a way of re-shaping the relationship between fathers and daughters to bring them closer. To achieve this, BrandBase developed La League, a new ‘brand’ that we positioned as a Plan initiative, with a name that reflects both football as well as femininity, and a strong yet warm and personal approach.


La League. A new brand, positioned as an initiative of Plan. The name La League is international and appeals to both football and femininity. The pay-off ‘Born to Win’ supports the very core of the brand identity. The imagery is authentic and powerful. The raw documentary-like photography (by Bill Tanaka) shows strong, tough girls in their purest, most focused form. This approach highlights the underdog situation of the girls in football and aims to break this unjustified perception.


As a brand, La League will communicate worldwide and in many different markets. In addition, it will initiate many local events and activities. The brand and visual approach will be launched in an identical fashion worldwide.

Visual identity

The jump-off point for the visual identity is to achieve international characteristics. The visual approach of the La League brand needs to work in any market, with models being recruited from the market it serves. La League sets a strong but still warm approach visually, especially through true-to-life photography. In terms of design and colors, the approach is minimal with the purpose of creating an ideal environment for the photography to shine.

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