Moving out

Marktplaats launched the campaign ‘Op Eigen Benen’ for students that moved to Amsterdam. A new city, a new education, new friends and a new apartment!

Develop a live experience during the first week of college where students get inspired with interior ideas while also getting familiar with the many room offers on Marktplaats.


We invited the new students to the most beautiful student room of the Netherlands located at the hotspot of the city: The A’DAM tower.

We created Spot M, a 4 hour pop-up club where students could view their new city from up top while enjoying great vibes and fresh mocktails. The interior of Spot M consisted of vintage furniture that could all be found on the Marktplaats website. A telescope offered the students the opportunity to hunt for Spot M logo’s scattered across the city. If you found them, you could win the entire interior of Spot M.

The big windows were also used to create the biggest room search of the city by placing interactive pinpoints on locations where Marktplaats offered rooms. Scan the pinpoints with your phone and find your own student room inside the city.

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