Openings KPN XL Stores


KPN developed a new retail formula: kpn XL. In kpn XL stores, both KPN clients and non-clients are serviced at the highest level. BrandBase was asked to design a format that introduces new kpn XL stores regionally and generates traffic.


BrandBase developed several activation concepts with a traffic mechanism each. Come to the store, crack the vault and win a golden smartphone or tablet, signed by Dutch long track speed skating medallist Sven Kramer. A mobile game wall near kpn XL stores, the prices of which to be collected in the store. We also created the biggest ‘chocoladeletters’ in the world during the Sinterklaas period, out of which consumers could cut awesome gadgets. And especially for entrepreneurs and (small) business owners, we organized an ‘entrepreneur-lunch’, where each dish was created using ingredients from business owners in the region. With this event, we portrayed kpn XL as the friendly new neighbor.

Every activation was paired to a strong traffic mechanism. This lead to many unique and repeated store visits. By targeting the activations on demand, we were able to reach the right target groups at the right moment. Activations with an enlarged PR character, like the golden opening with Sven Kramer, the biggest chocolate letter or the entrepreneur-lunch, also gained the necessary regional publicity.

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