Everyone’s retirement is different. Do you have everything sorted, or would you rather wait and see? Sooner or later, we will have to deal with it. If you like it or not. For that reason, BrandBase developed & produced a special exhibition for insurance company Scildon called, PensioenPortretten (Pension Portraits). A series of stories about 7 Dutch people in 7 different life phases. From 27 years to 87 years. Each portrait gives a true insight into their lives. Together, the personal stories illustrate how the Dutch think about later and their retirement.

The photos and stories are exhibited outdoors on big photo walls. The people behind each story have been photographed by up-and-coming talent and prize winner ’New Dutch Photography 2017’, Ramona Deckers.

The exhibition is mobile and travels to various cities in the Netherlands. The kick-off was held in the city of Rotterdam.

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