Price Guarantee


At Shell you pay less than the national average for your fuel. Even the price differences to discount chains is minimal. Yet the Dutch have the idea that Shell is pricey, especially because it is a premium brand. Shell wants to adjust that image and be recognized as the affordable, friendly, service-oriented station that it is.


You do not change such a persistent image overnight. It takes time. And evidence. BrandBase coined the Shell Price Guarantee: three very good reasons to understand at Shell fuel is very affordable.

The three guarantees demonstrate:

Competitive price – Shell’s station managers make a little tour in their region, they check the prices of the competition and adjust prices accordingly.

Economical fuel – Shell’s standard fuels are proven efficient, so you drive more kilometres for the same price.

Extra Air Miles Discount – collecting Air Miles is fast, easy, and you can use the Air Miles as extra discount on fuel, up to every single saved euro.

During 2014, clients saw these three guarantees everywhere in and around the Shell stations. BrandBase created, wrote, designed and produced all standard communication at the stations and many extras such as informative online movies, web pages that explain the Shell Guarantee in detail and various stunts, mini-promotions and fun surprises.

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