Priva Blue ID & Top Control 8 Launch


Priva is launching a new product line; Priva Blue ID and Top Control 8. A software/hardware package for optimal building management. Boasting a product design based on human intuition, the greatest advantages of these products are speed and simplicity. Thanks to a click system with clear colours and forms, installation always speaks for itself. All you need is a screwdriver.

BrandBase was asked to develop a campaign that highlights the products and simplicity of use among both the partners and the end users of the product.


A comprehensive campaign in which diverse resources complement and support each other. The pay off: ‘Building control by intuition’ communicates the simplicity of the product and drives the campaign. Sleek and stylish visuals give the campaign a single uniform line. The hands symbolise the product’s intuitive simplicity of use. All communications are produced in 4 languages (NL, EN, GER and FR).

The product was unveiled for the first time at an exclusive debut event held for the Priva partners (the installers). After the presentation, the partners had a chance to experience the products first-hand in two stylish ‘Control Rooms’ where they could first install the products themselves and then manage the climate at will. Using high-speed images, sound, ventilators and LED lighting that entirely changes the colouring of the room, they were able to simulate different ‘climates’. After the event, the partners received the specially developed sales kit: an attractive box with a custom-made USB containing the product films and voltage meter.

To communicate the specific information in an attractive manner (including to those who did not attend the partner event), we made five short product videos. These videos were used during the unveiling at the partner event, but are also on the custom USBs in the Priva sales kit. In addition, the videos were given a prominent place on the Priva corporate website.

Alongside these product videos, we also developed two stylish four-part product folders containing detailed product information. The Control Rooms will make a year-long roadshow tour to introduce the product to partners in smaller-scale events, both at home and abroad. Partners can use the Control Rooms as a tool to train their staff in using the Priva products.

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