Shell Touchless Car Wash


Shell introduces a new carwash concept on the Dutch market: Shell CarCare Touchless – a carwash without brushes, using only water and soap. BrandBase was asked to develop all communications for the campaign of the pilot carwash in The Hague: idea, text, key visual and pay off.


We’ve developed a visual that is both fresh and powerful. A wave of water is thrown and engulfs a car with a splash. Combined with the pay off ‘The Carwash without Brushes’, it paints a clear picture of what the carwash is all about. This core visual was used in various items such as: posters, banners, abris, flyers and pump-toppers.


A beautiful campaign with clear fresh images that invoke exactly the right feel. Visitors were very positive about how the carwash worked and was presented at the gas station.

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