Shell & VVN Traffic Park

The Mobile Traffic Park is a joint initiative of Shell and VVN (Dutch Road Safety Association) aimed at primary schools. It provides a safe environment to familiarise children, aged 6 to 10, with situations that occur on the roads and the rules that apply. To generate attention for the Mobile Traffic Park in its second year, BrandBase organised a PR stunt – to coincide with VVN’s annual ‘We’re Going Back to School’ campaign – in which we asked children to go out and campaign for their own road safety at Shell filling stations.

We're heading back to school

To generate exposure for the second annual edition of the Mobile Traffic Park, BrandBase carried out a PR stunt linked to VVN’s ‘We are heading back to school’ campaign. We asked children to campaign for road safety themselves. Armed with blackboards on wheels, bunches of balloons and bumper stickers, they approached drivers at the Shell Station, asking them to pay extra attention and be extra careful in traffic now that they were heading back to school. This resulted in many positive reactions from drivers and passers-by. The campaign was covered in the national media.

Helmet Your Head

The ‘Helmet Your Head’ campaign drew attention to the importance of children wearing a bicycle helmet. Eight primary schools in four cities participated in the survey with children aged 6 and 7. The question read: ‘If children would properly understand the necessity of wearing a bicycle helmet, and if they would consider it cool instead of dorky, would they be prepared to wear a safety helmet of their own free will?’ The campaign starts off with an interactive workshop in which children are presented with a helmet as a gift that they are invited to decorate using stickers. This helps to improve the image and to emphasize the importance of wearing a safety helmet.

The Bike Checkup

Yet another activation concerned the Bike Checkup. We conducted free checkups of the bicycles of children as well as their parents. At eye-catching Bike Checkup locations, local bicycle repairmen gave the bikes a thorough checkup, carrying out minor repairs and installing reflectors. The campaign drew extensive coverage in the local as well as national media. Eberhard van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam, said: ‘This campaign highlights how the corporate sector can contribute to increasing road safety, which we warmly applaud.’


Traffic Park Song

To drive home the importance of proper knowledge of traffic rules in a way that children can relate to, we wrote and produced the Dutch hip hop song The Boss, featuring Monsif. The release of the single and video clip ‘The Boss’ was an attractive tool to raise children’s awareness of the importance of traffic safety. The hip hop song conveys a serious message and explains to children how they should and should not behave in traffic. Music appeals strongly to the target group. Singing along helps the children to memorize the traffic regulations, and knowing the rules will keep them safer in traffic. You can download The Boss from iTunes or watch the clip on YouTube.

Extraordinary Municipal Council Meeting

The ceremony to welcome the 60,000th visitor was celebrated in Haarlem together with pupils ofZonnewijzer primary school. For one day, they controlled the traffic in Haarlem. Opposite the Town Hall, right in the centre of the Market Square, the children debated traffic safety in Haarlem with members of the City Council in an ‘Extraordinary Municipal Council Meeting’, where they were given a voice in policy. Subsequently, the children had great fund scampering along the track full of road signs, go-karts, bicycles, zebra crossings and traffic lights.

Verkeersplein Virtual Reality Game

Cycling without proper lighting is life-threateningly dangerous. But you only really understand the dangers when you sit behind the wheel and look at it from a driver’s perspective. Unfortunately kids aren’t allowed to drive. Therefor BrandBase developed theTraffic Park Virtual Reality Game; kids could experience sitting behind a car wheel. And understand first hand how difficult it is to see an unlit cyclist in the dark.


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