ING Rijksmuseum Sponsorship


Being its main sponsor, ING wants to bring the art and culture from the Rijksmuseum to a broad audience. They do so by making a visit to the museum as easy as possible, for instance with the ING Rijksmuseumdagen. During these special weekends in 2014 and 2015, ING guests have access to exceptional tours and workshops. The bank also wants to take the art and bring it closer to the audience… literally.

The assignment: to come up with an activation in line with ING’s intention to bring the arts and culture offered by the Rijksmuseum closer to a wide-ranging audience. An activation that can be used to give away the tickets and expresses ING’s role as a key sponsor.
Secondly, design an activation that takes the art from the museum and shows it in a way that is accessibleeye-catching and attractive to a broad audience.


We came up with a Facebook promotion entitled ‘Put yourself in the picture’. An app allowed ING clients to place their own face in a classic artwork from the Rijksmuseum. By adding a title they came up with themselves, the participants gave their own original twist on a masterpiece. A jury awarded free tickets for the ING Rijksmuseum Days to the most inventive entries.


The Old Masters

Also, to bring the art of the Rijksmuseum closer to a wider audience, we created ‘Old Masters by New Masters‘. A project in which urban artists get inspired by works in the Rijksmuseum and then re-create those pieces in the streets of Amsterdam. Michel Alders (aka Focuz), TelmoMiel and Donovan Spaanstra created their version of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Willem van de Velde – in the Warmoesstraat, Haarlemmerstraat and the NDSM-werf.
A short documentary shows the processes in which artists, separated by centuries, come together in craftsmanship, talent and the origins of mastery.

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