100 years Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam


In 2014 Shell research in Amsterdam celebrates its 100th anniversary. During this themed year, Shell looks back at a hundred years of innovation, but most of all also looks ahead: ‘Shaping the future of energy through innovation’ is the recurring theme found in all activities of Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA). BrandBase was asked to create an activation program within this theme centered around future innovations.


In a campaign we call ‘New Heroes’ we put people front & centre who are involved in unique and special innovations within and outside of STCA. By focussing on their achievements we highlighted real stories by real people. Their portraits were attached to the prominent STCA building using gigantic billboards. Their personal stories were brought to life in mini-documentaries. We featured not only Shell employees, but also persons who cooperate with Shell. To further promote these special stories a 7 page special was developed in cooperation with free newspaper Metro. This special explained the impact these special innovations will have on our future society.

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