Tikkie content campaign

Creative Brief

Last year, ABN AMRO successfully launched the Tikkie payment app (presenting BandBase’s introduction film). Scores of people have immediately installed the app, which they now use as a convenient tool to send payment requests via WhatsApp.

Now, it is time for a follow-up: to develop a content campaign that will generate 300,000 new downloads for Tikkie while at the same time showcasing the Tikkie brand and giving it more personality and relevance.



We had a large-scale, independent survey conducted around the subject of lending money to family and friends. This generated a lot of free publicity and, therefore, exposure for Tikkie. In addition, we developed a series of funny film clips presenting moments of inspiration for the entire Dutch nation about situations in which Tikkie is really indispensable. Examples include splitting dinner or bar bills, buying a gift as a group, et cetera.

These short films and the accompanying mobile campaign present situations people can relate to, be it from a perspective that will totally take them by surprise… The actors are lying on the floor as they use Tikkie. The use of clear insights and specific colours for instant recognition has enabled us to develop an activating campaign that will not only build brand awareness and create positive associations, but will also lead to direct conversion in the form of downloads.

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