Van Gogh at work


Since 2005, Shell has been involved in the research on Vincent van Gogh’s work method. The exhibition ‘Van Gogh at Work’ concludes that project. How can Shell share its enthusiasm about the research and pride of the results in astriking, beautiful way with the Netherlands?


We designed, developed and made a giant replica of a 1888 self-portrait of Van Gogh – completely out of sunflowers. A painting in different hues of sunflower yellow, that from a distance clearly resembles the famous self-portrait, and when you get close is a fragrant collection of beautiful flowers.
Obviously the work, placed at the Museumplein, is an eye-catcher. It hints at the subject of the exhibition: Van Gogh’s technique. The sunflowers refer to other work of the artist and to Shells brand yellow. Shell also shared sunflowers with which visitors to the exhibition could win two free tickets.

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